Exhibition: The World of Abidin Dino

25 November 2007
Exhibition: The World of Abidin Dino
The World of Abidin Dino” opened at SSM.

A press meeting was held at S.U. Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM) for the exhibition The World of Abidin Dino. The exhibition, sponsored by Philips will be open between November 24th, 2007 and January 27th, 2008.  SSM’s Director Nazan Ölçer, Ferit Edgü; a member of the team that developed the general concept of the exhibition and Atilla Tüfekçi; General Manager of  Philips Türk Electronic Products, were present at the press meeting. The exhibition aims to bring to light the rich world of the caricaturist, illustrator, decorator, film producer and writer Abidin Dino.

In her speech, Nazan Ölçer said “First of all, we would like to thank Güzin Dino who kindly donated the works of art that were Abidin Dinos legacy that constitute a major part of this exhibition. This exhibition, beyond being homage to Abidin Dino, is also an accomplishment of our museum since it is a rare example where works of people who have left a mark in history are being claimed by academic institutions to be shared with younger generations.”

General Manager of  Philips Türk Electronic Products Atilla Tüfekçi said they were honored by sponsoring the exhibition of a multitalented artist like Abidin Dino and added: “Via Abidin Dino’s exhibiton, who is one of the most important personages of the Turkish art scene, we are also paying homage to Turkish artists in general. Abidin Dino has always been interested in the art of film making and while he designed the sets of numerous important movies, he also got behind the camera to shoot his prize winning movie ‘Goal!’. In the exhibition, which we sponsor within the context of our new LCD televison ‘Aurea By Philips’, Abidin Dino’s films will meet art lovers through the screens of Aurea. We think that our motto ‘the television that adds emotion to technology’ will come to life through Abidin Dino’s movie screenings.”

The exhibition, whose general concept was developed by Ferit Edgü, Samih Rifat and Nazan Ölçer, aims to unfold Abidin Dino’s life and art 14 years after he passed away. The worldview that forms Dino’s personality’s is presented without prejudice in the exhibition. In the exhibition where Dino’s numerous works, photographs and documents that reflect different stages of his life can be seen, the artist’s life is revealed through his words and writings. While the title of the exhibition relates to Dino’s life, it also expresses the turbulent state of the world in the 20th century the artist witnessed through words, colors and shapes.

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