Exhibition Catalogues

Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM) affiliated to Sabanci University, publishes catalogues to promote the collections it hosts and to ensure that its national and international exhibitions have a long-lasting impact. Since 2002 when it opened its gates to visitors, SSM has published catalogues for every exhibition it has hosted. Each catalogue is based on a careful and detailed study, provides information about the exhibits and includes articles by prominent historians, art historians and critiques discussing the artists and artistic trends involved from different angles, thereby constituting reference books. It has become an SSM tradition for these catalogues to include a chronology where the artist’s life, the development of artistic trends and the contemporary political and cultural events are represented, thus providing the reader with an opportunity to evaluate the artists or art history periods concerned within a broader context.


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Childen's Books

Sakıp Sabancı Museum, affiliated to the Sabanci University publishes children’s books related to its collections, current exhibitions or about conservation and similar topics, as part of its children-oriented activities.These books, prepared by various writers and illustrators share the artists’ lives and artistic endeavors, the historical context of the collections and to pics related to a museum’s operation in a language suited to young museum goers.


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