Past Events

Technological Arts Preservation
Social Event
Artist Talk: Ai Weiwei, Sir Norman Rosenthal
Exhibition Event
“Spot Welding”: Mask Theater Inspired By Kuzgun Acar
13.10.2016 to 16.10.2016
Cultural Event
Yoga classes at the SSM garden!
31.5.2016 to 31.8.2016
Social Event
Yoga within the SSM galleries with Cihangir Yoga begins in May!
3.5.2016 to 14.6.2016
Social Event
Heinz Mack Artist Talk
17.2.2016 to 18.2.2016
Exhibition Event
German Cinema Days at SSM!
17.9.2015 to 6.1.2016
Movie View
The Sky Event - Gökyüzü Etkinliği
23.10.2015 to 24.10.2015
Exhibition Event
Yoga classes continue at SSM!
10.6.2015 to 27.8.2015
Social Event
Yoga at the Museum with Chris Chavez
Social Event
Buluşma…Reunion Exhibition Artist Talks
11.4.2015 to 27.6.2015
Exhibition Event
"Joan Miró. Women, Birds, Stars: The Birth of a Secret Language"
Exhibition Event