Where Darkness Meets Light …

As Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM) celebrates its 10th anniversary, it opens the exhibition “Where Darkness Meets Light… Rembrandt and His Contemporaries - The Golden Age of Dutch Art” to the public. The exhibition marks the 400th year of diplomatic relations between Turkey and the Netherlands and features works from the Rijksmuseum as well as one of the world’s leading private collections, which are being displayed for the first time in Turkey. The Turkish and Dutch governments are the diplomatic co-sponsors of the exhibition, which are supported by a number of major Dutch companies operating in Turkey. The main sponsors are Sabancı Holding and ING Bank and Philips is also among the sponsors. The exhibition is being held with contributions from Unilever and Shell and the service sponsors are Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Park Hyatt Istanbul-Maçka Palas Hotel and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Besides Rembrandt, the exhibition presents a total number of 110 works; 73 paintings, 19 drawings and 18 objects by 59 artists including major representatives of Dutch art. Additionally, the exhibition presents the painting entitled “The Love Letter” by Johannes Vermeer, who remained an obscure figure for centuries with his works being attributed to other artists for a long time. Although only 35 works are attributed to Vermeer today, he is universally acknowledged as a major artist of his time. Works by great artists including Frans Hals, Jan Steen and Jacob van Ruisdael are on display in the exhibition, which presents the splendour of the Golden Age of Dutch Art, considered to be one of the most exciting periods in art history.

Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn (Leiden 1606 – Amsterdam 1669) Portrait of Dr Ephraïm Bueno (1599-1665), c. 1646 Oil on panel, 19 x 15 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-3982 ©Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Adriaen Coorte (? 1660-65 Middelburg?− in or after 1707) Still Life with Asparagus, 1697 Oil on paper on panel, 25 x 20.5 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-2099 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn (Leiden 1606 – Amsterdam 1669) Portrait of Haesje Jacobsdr van Cleyburg (1583-1641), Wife of the Rotterdam Brewer Dirck Jansz Pesser, 1634 Oil on panel (oval), 68.6 x 53.4 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-4833 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn (Leiden 1606 − Amsterdam 1669) Still Life with Dead Peacocks, 1638-1640 Oil on canvas, 145 x 135.5 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-3981 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Ludolf Bakhuizen (Emden [Germany] 1630 − Amsterdam 1708) The IJ at Amsterdam, Seen from the Mosselsteiger (mussel pier), 1673 Oil on canvas, 81 x 67 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-9 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn (Leiden 1606 − Amsterdam 1669) Landscape with Farmhouse and Haystack, 1641 Etching, 130 x 319 mm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. RP-P-1962-86 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Michiel Jansz van Mierevelt (Delft 1566 – Delft 1641) Portrait of Henrick Hooft (1617-1678), 1640 Oil on panel, 69.7 x 60 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-1250 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Jan Steen (Leiden 1626 – Leiden 1679) The Leiden Baker Arent Oostwaard and his Wife Catharina Keizerswaard, c. 1658 Oil on panel, 37.7 x 31.5 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-390 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Forty-Four-Gun Dutch Warship, 1648 Northern Netherlands Lime wood and other materials, l. 106 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. NG-NM-9358 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Balthasar van der Ast (Middelburg 1593/94 − Delft 1657) Still Life with Flowers, 1625-30 Oil on panel, 59 x 43 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-2103 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Gerrit Adriaensz Berckheyde (Haarlem 1638 – Haarlem 1698) The Golden Bend in the Herengracht in Amsterdam, 1671-1672 Oil on panel, 42.5 x 57.9 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-5003 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Aert van der Neer (Gorinchem 1603/04 – Amsterdam 1677) River View in the Winter, 1655-1660 Oil on panel, 53 x 67 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-290 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

A Pair of Wedding Gloves, 1622 Northern Netherlands Kid, silk, satin, gold thread, freshwater pearls, l. c. 24 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. nos. BK-1978-48-A/B © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Jan de Bray (Haarlem 1626/28 – Amsterdam 1697) The Governors of the Guild of St Luke, Haarlem, 1675 Oil on canvas, 130 x 184 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-58 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Abraham van den Tempel (Leeuwarden 1621/22 – Amsterdam 1672) Portrait of David Leeuw (1631/32-1703), Amsterdam Merchant, with his Family, 1671 Oil on canvas, 190 x 200 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-1972 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Ludolf Bakhuizen (Emden [Germany] 1630 − Amsterdam 1708) The Men-of-War Ridderschap (right) and Hollandia (left) Imperilled during a Storm in the Straits of Gibraltar, 1-3 March 1694, c. 1695 Oil on canvas, 150 x 227 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-4856 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Johannes Vermeer (Delft 1632 − Delft 1675) The Love Letter, 1667-1669 Oil on canvas, 44 x 38.5 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-1595 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Gerard Houckgeest (The Hague 1600 – Bergen op Zoom 1661) Interior of the Oude Kerk in Delft, 1654 Oil on panel, 49 x 41 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-A-1584 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Gabriel Metsu (Leiden 1629 – Amsterdam 1667 ) Woman Eating, known as ‘The Cat’s Breakfast’, 1661-1664 Oil on panel, 33.5 x 27 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-C-560 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Spice Pot, 1660-1680 Delft Faience, h. 19.5 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. BK-NM-9529 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Jacob Isaacksz van Ruisdael (Haarlem 1628/29 − Amsterdam 1682) The Windmill at Wijk bij Duurstede, c. 1670 Oil on canvas, 83 x 101 cm Rijksmuseum, inv. no. SK-C-211 © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam