“Spot Welding”: Mask Theater Inspired By Kuzgun Acar

“Birds - Abstract Composition” by noted Turkish sculptor Kuzgun Acar, which was installed at Istanbul Manufacturers Market in 1967, is currently being displayed at the S.U. Sakıp Sabancı Museum until October 23, 2016. “Birds - Abstract Composition” has recently been restored from natural corrosion, following a lengthy and successful restoration project which was initiated in 2013 by Cultural Awareness Foundation with the support of Istanbul Manufacturers Market, and is being displayed within a museum environment for the first time following the conservation project. 

“Spot Welding”* is an experimental mask-theater, taking its inspiration from Kuzgun Acar’s work “Birds – Abstract Composition” (1967), on display at SSM until October 23, 2016. An interdisciplinary staging, “Spot Welding” builds on the collective nature of street theater a practice, with which Acar was closely affiliated throughout the 1970's. Kuzgun Acar, who remains one of the most notable artists of sculpture in Turkey, produced masks and costumes for street theater performances during this period, later moving on to work with the Freedom Theatre founded by Mehmet Ulusoy in Paris.  

Kuzgun Acar also produced masks for performances of Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht, with his output for this play largely informing “Spot-welding”; the collective event aims to propose new and updated possibilities to the text of the play, contextualizing themes of land ownership, immigration, revolt and the future in an abstract manner.   The performance of the team, brought together with the invitations of Emre Koyuncuoğlu, Sibel Horada and Yasemin Nur, will be presented at SSM with the invaluable support of Sabancı Foundation and Cultural Awareness Foundation. The event will be performed on October 13,14,15 at SSM. Admission to the event is free of charge. No reservation required.  

Director: Emre Koyuncuoğlu

Masks, Costumes and Installation: Sibel Horada, Yasemin Nur

Music: Çiğdem Borucu Light: Arek Nişanyan Actors: Cemre Buğra Ün, Doğa Nalbantoğlu, Elif Sözer, Ladin Avşar, Sencan Oytun Tokuç, Sedef Gökçe, Su Güneş Mıhladız, Tules Tuğba Birincioğlu 

*Spot welding is a technical term denoting the bringing together of overlapping pieces of metal at small points by application of pressure.

The project is made possible with the funds from our main sponsor, Sabancı Foundation in collaboration with Cultural Awareness Foundation. The light and the sound system is made available by the support of Staras, Technical Production Co.