7 March Saturday


Body Education: Can You Learn or Teach Performance?

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Ahu Antmen

Lecturer: Nezaket Ekici

Performance artist Nezaket Ekici will share how she developed an interest for performance art during her art education, her experiences as a student of Marina Abramović, her own background as an educator, as well as how the training of body and the spirit evolves into artistic production, in her speech.

Prof. Dr. Ahu Antmen

Prof. Dr. Ahu Antmen was born in 1971 in Mersin. She graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Communications and obtained her masters degree from London University Goldsmiths College. She completed her PhD at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. She lectures on 20th Century Art, Art Theory and Criticism, Contemporary Art Practice and Contemporary Turkish Art at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts and Sabancı University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in Istanbul. Her recent publications include Kimlikli Bedenler [Bodies with Identities], 20. Yüzyıl Batı Sanatında Akımlar [Trends in 20th Century Western Art], monographies on Turkish artists Ali Teoman Germaner and Hale Tenger, and the edited volume Sanat / Cinsiyet: Sanat Tarihi ve Feminist Eleştiri [Art/Gender: Art History and Feminist Criticism].

Nezaket Ekici was born in 1970 in Turkey and moved to Drisburg in Germany with her family when she was three years old. She studied painting and sculpture in Munich, then moved to Braunschweig to study performance art with Marina Abramović. Ekici lives in Berlin and Stuttgart, and has performed more than 250 pieces throughout her career in museums, biennials, galleries and festivals around the world. Her ideas derive from multiple subjects, including everyday situations, her dual-cultural background (Turkish and German), art history and site specific. She uses her body as a means of expression and investigation in her performances and always works in contact with the audience.


14 March Saturday


Body/Space: Themes and Concepts in Performance

Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eser Selen

In her speech, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eser Selen will explore the concepts of body and space in performance thought and contemporary art through a critical and feminist perspective. The discussion will start from the works in the form of performance and extend towards issues such as existence and non-existence, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, construction of the exotic and censorship; the talk will also include the experiences these themes create in contemporary art practices. 


Vibrations: Technology, Experience and Performance

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eser Selen

Panelists: RAW (Selçuk Artut, Alp Tuğan), Erinç Seymen, Eda Sütunç

Artists working in visual, aural and palpatory fields usually tend to focus on the experiences their works present. Experience emerges when the technology employed by the artist comes together with the form and the concepts in performance concurrently with the inclusion of the viewer. This panel discussion, conducted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eser Selen, will aim attention at how contemporary art practices undertake the concept of experience within the fields of technology and performance.

Eser Selen

Eser Selen is a visual artist and performance scholar. Her work encompasses performance art, installation, and A/V and she explores the possible reception mechanisms of performance as a form of art-making that generates an experience both on behalf of the artist and for the audience. She has exhibited, presented, and performed nationally and internationally with exhibitions, performances, and seminars at galleries, museums and artist talks including No Vacancy Gallery, (Melbourne); ARCOmadrid; Contemporary Art Museum (Istanbul); Aksanat (Istanbul); 5th Floor Dance Theater (New York), Ram Gallery, (Rotterdam), Kasa Gallery, (Istanbul), Atelje and 212 Theatre (Belgrade). Her scholarly work at the intersection of Queer Theory, Feminism, and Contemporary Art through the lens of performance. Her writings appeared in such journals as, Gender Place and Culture, Kybernetes, and Women & Performance and she is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Visual Communication Design, Kadir Has University, Istanbul.


Founded by two prominent figures in the field of Creative Technologies; Selcuk Artut and Alp Tuğan, RAW is a music group that creates audio and visual performances with live coding methods. While exhibiting audio visual experiences with improvisational computer programming structures, the duo invites the viewers to be an active observer of the making process of their live performances. Performed at various electronic music and media events in places like Berlin, Tokyo, London, Helsinki, Verona, Belgrade, Vienna, Istanbul; RAW invites the audience to immerse into the performance visually with using additional top cameras, and code views projected on large displays. Sonically the audial experience moves into the fields of noise, electronic, techno, minimal and ambient genres with improvisational Forms.

Selçuk Artut

Selçuk Artut’s artistic research and production focus on theoretical and practical dimensions of human-technology relations. His artworks have been exhibited at Dystopie Berlin, ICA London, Istanbul Biennale, Moving Image NY, Art Hong Kong and received coverage at Artsy, Creative Applications, CoDesign, Visual Complexity, and CNN GO. Currently, Artut coordinates the Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Program at Sabancı University, Istanbul. He has been releasing several albums as a member of a post-rock avant-garde music band Replikas since 1998. Artut is artistically represented by Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul.

Alp Tuğan

Alp Tuğan works on creative coding, computer aided arts, interaction design, and sound arts. He has been involved in various exhibitions, projects, and events with his audio/visual projects. In addition, he teaches Creative Coding and Sound Design at Özyeğin University, Istanbul.

Erinç Seymen

Erinç Seymen graduated from Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts University Painting Department in 2006 and received his MA from Yıldız Teknik University Art and Design Faculty, with a thesis about Bob Flanagan. He participated in conferences and his articles have been published in various magazines on topics such as militarism, nationalism and gender issues. Since 2002, he has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in İstanbul, Ankara, Berlin, Vienna, Paris, London, Helsinki, Eindhoven and Lisbon. Seymen lives & works in Istanbul and he is represented by Gallery Zilberman.

Eda Sütunç

Eda Sütunç received her BA in Media and Visual Arts from Koç University and her MFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received the dean’s scholarship. She has shown works in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, USA, UK, Serbia and Turkey, in 2017 she received second place at Celeste Art Prize in UK. She uses various mediums such as virtual reality, sculpture and video focusing on the body in her practice. Eda Sütunç lives and works in Istanbul.


21 March Saturday


Contemporary Dance and Body Culture in Turkey

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Tuğçe Tuna

Featuring a broad overview of the post-1960 history of contemporary dance in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Tuğçe Tuna’s talk will present cases that illustrate the influence of contemporary dancers, educators and choreographers on body culture and thinking, as well as their own approaches to contemporary dance. Through its production, presentation, reception stages and body conception, contemporary dance contributed largely to performing arts in Turkey, and increased the awareness regarding this field.

Tuğçe Tuna

Tuğçe Tuna is an awarded choreographer, contemporary dancer, performance artist, educator of contemporary movement techniques and contemporary dance, and also works in the field of body-oriented therapy. Her works presented in international festivals, organisations, and academies since 1996 include choreographies of interdisciplinary pieces of contemporary dance and performance art, educational studies of contemporary dance and contemporary movement techniques, as well as the studies she conducted in the field of body-oriented therapy of dance and movement. Having started her academic career in 1996, Tuna began producing site-specific psychosomatics works focusing on the themes of space, body and memory, all in accordance with her policy of independent production. She is currently the head of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul State Conservatory Contemporary Dance Department. In 2015 she founded the Part Time Education Program of Contemporary Dance, a first both in Turkey and Europe. Born in Belgium, Tuna is living in Istanbul.

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