In conjunction with the ‘ZERO. Countdown to the Future’ exhibition, S.U. Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM), with the support of Akbank Sanat and in collaboration with AIMA (Ayvalık International Music Academy) is hosting a concert focusing on the work of two leading composers of the post-1950 modernist period in Turkey, Bülent Arel and İlhan Usmanbaş.

The event program in conjunction with Sakıp Sabancı Museum’s major exhibition titled ‘ZERO. Countdown to the Future’ focusing on the German avant-garde art movement of the mid-20th century on view through January 10, 2016, will be further enriched with a concert taking place at The Seed on December 8, 2015. The concert will follow the path of innovative artistic explorations that lit the fuse of the German ZERO movement in Turkish modernist music, focusing on the work of two noted composers, Bülent Arel and İlhan Usmanbaş. Performers Metin Ülkü, Dilbağ Tokay, Emine Serdaroğlu and Bahar Biricik will perform the works of Arel and Usmanbaş, against the backdrop of Bülent Arel’s visual video performance titled “Rounding for electronic tape, dance, light & video art”.

‘Countdown with Music: Two Leading Modernist Composers After the 1950s: Bülent Arel and İlhan Usmanbaş’ will focus on the revolutionary work of two artists who closely traced the innovative artistic spirit of their era during their education at the Ankara State Conservatory and the timeless compositions they produced as they experimented with alternative musical approaches and techniques. The concert will include a rendition of ‘Raslamsallar’ by İlhan Usmanbaş, which the artist composed as he consciously departed from  the traditional music  theory and practices of his time, and will focus on the reflections of a revolutionary and transformational period in world history on Turkish music. The concert will be accompanied by the narrations of AIMA Director Prof. Filiz Ali, as well as the multidisciplinary music/video artwork titled ‘Rounding’, which was composed by Bülent Arel during the later years of his career.

About AIMA (Ayvalık International Music Academy)

AIMA was founded in 1998 by Prof. Filiz Ali. Since its foundation the Academy has assumed a leading role in promoting the education of young musicians through expanding their horizons and their musical career. Music master classes are held every year during the summer and fall seasons in Ayvalik, focusing mostly on string instruments. Students from Turkey, Europe and even as far away as New Zealand, gather together for eight to ten days of intense studying, practicing and performing with distinguished international faculty at  the beautiful Aegean coast town of Ayvalık. The Academy has evolved since its foundation and diversified its master classes with Composition Workshops, Creative Writing Workshops, Piano Master classes and Guitar master classes. The Academy has also aimed to enrich the cultural life of Ayvalık with public concerts which are organized during all seasons.

AIMA organizes different workshops and master classes every year, where young participants have the opportunity to work with renowned artists.